Unlocking New Markets: 10 Reasons to Localize Your Business

Capturing more markets is part of any business’s expansion strategies. However, given that customers from potential areas have unique needs, decision makers face more challenges. That’s why it’s vital localize your business correctly to ensure growth and sustainability. We list 10 reasons to consider adopting a brand localization strategy for your next expansion campaign. Take a look. Key takeaways: When you localize your business, benefits include enhancing customer experience, boosting sales and revenue, and gaining a competitive advantage. Business localization involves adapting a company’s products, services, and strategies to meet a target market’s linguistic, cultural, and regulatory requirements. [...]

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The Power of eLearning Localization for Global Success

Companies that operate internationally often communicate with each other through English. After all, it is a dominant language in the business world. Moreover, the company’s educational content would likewise be in the English language. However, investing in eLearning localization for global team members may offer more benefits than leaving your English content as is. Companies that rely on bilingual workforces are limiting themselves. Meanwhile, localizing any kind of content is likely to resonate with target audiences more clearly and effectively than foreign content. In this blog, we explore the significance of professional eLearning localization services for global success. Key [...]

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Unveiling Challenges in Webtoon Translation: Tips and Solutions

Webtoons have gained immense popularity worldwide, with one of the largest platforms drawing over 72 million monthly active users. However, this popularity comes with challenges in webtoon translation.  In this comprehensive guide, we will unravel the intricacies of webtoon translation. Join us as we identify common webtoon translation problems and explore the best solutions to address them. Key Takeaways: Challenges in webtoon translation revolve around quality, in terms of fidelity to the original and cultural contexts. Finding the balance between localization and translation is one of the key webtoon translation problems. Preserving emotional impact and message effectiveness when translating sound [...]

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