The act and art of arranging the text and setting various typefaces or fonts on a page


Manga, comics, and webtoon typesetting is art. To be able to tell a story seamlessly and to immerse your readers into each page, panel, or dialogue, excellent storytelling through words is not enough. Typesetting or lettering is the act and art of arranging the text and setting various typefaces or fonts on a page. The term typesetting originated from the pre-digital era, when printing and copying were done through letterpress machines and individual metal sorts which contain symbols and letters selected from a type case which are then used to press on the pages during printing. The selection and arrangement of the sorts is the process of typesetting. Today, the term applies not only to the process in manual but also to digital printing and design.what is the best site to buy replica watches
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Without excellent typesetting, classics such as Dragon Ball, Shigeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, Hunter x Hunter, Naruto, and One Piece, to Star Wars, Archie, Marvel, and DC Comics, wouldn’t be as popular as they are today. Artists, in the case of original manga or webtoon, and localization teams, for translated versions, must produce artful and clean typography to both keep the readers engrossed through every well-designed, dynamic sound effects (SFX), as well as not to create any distractions to the reader experience, which is achieved through masterful text shaping and arrangement.

For the past 10 years, CCC has contributed to the spread of manga and comics culture through its manga, webtoon, and other comics translation and typesetting services. We help translate and typeset Japanese manga, American comics, Korean manhwa, French bande dessinée, Chinese manhua, digital comics called webtoons, and many more, into major Asian and European languages.

We have mastered the art of manga and comics typesetting


Through our long experience in translation and typesetting, we have mastered the art of manga and comics typesetting and have become one of the most trusted typesetting and design service providers all over the globe. 

We partner with major Japanese, Korean, and American publishers to bring their localized manga, webtoon, or comics to different corners of the world and provide joy and entertainment to readers through our translation and typesetting expertise.

We work on all sorts of manga, comics, and webtoon genres; whether fantasy, light novels, BL, seinen, shōjo, shōnen, josei, romance, slice of life, or action, we make sure every manga and webtoon story is well told through exquisite design and polished typesetting. Aside from our standards and preferences, we make sure to meet the demands of our partners and clients, ensuring that every font and design expectations are met, and consult with them every detail that needs to be confirmed before starting the project. 

Our professional team of manga typesetters use and are adept at industry-standard software for creatives and the various techniques specific to the typesetting work. We also work with almost all sorts of files, whether JPG, TIF, PSDs, etc., and can provide all kinds of output file format you may need. Just let us know what you desire to achieve with your project, and we will help you bring it to life. 

We follow a multi-step process in our typesetting


We follow a multi-step process in our typesetting. From the preparation phase, typesetting, typesetting check, revisions, up to the final check and submission step, our team of graphic design experts and talented artists who are manga, comics, and webtoon fans themselves comes together to provide the highest quality of typesetting for readers. 

We cover a wide range of languages for our manga and comics translation


With teams in Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Armenia, we cover a wide range of languages for our manga and comics translation. From translation of only Japanese raw manga and into official English versions, we now readily offer the following language pairs:

  • Japanese to English Manga Translation and Typesetting
  • English to Japanese Comics Translation and Typesetting
  • Japanese to French Manga Translation and Typesetting
  • Korean to English Webtoon Translation and Typesetting
  • Korean to German Webtoon Translation and Typesetting
  • Korean to Japanese Webtoon Translation and Typesetting
  • Chinese to French Webcomics Translation and Typesetting

Can't find the language you're targeting?

We have resources for more than 30 languages; if your needed language isn’t in the list below, please feel free to contact us and we’ll try our best to find solutions for you.

We crafted a separate localization service and team for manga and comics


Many manga and comics translators or localization providers have excellent translation quality but lack the graphic design expertise. At CCC, we crafted a separate localization service and team for manga and comics as the work requires entirely different human resources from that of general content translations. We combine our pool of linguistic experts and graphic designers and artists to generate the full package of translation and typesetting services, the ideal scenario for publishers and authors.

Perfect translation is not enough; the perfect translation must be typeset in the most masterful way possible to achieve localization success and for every manga, comics, or webtoon to be permanently etched into readers’ hearts. 

Together, we’ll create new stories for you


Are you ready to release your comics to the rest of the world? Team up with only the best manga and comics translators and typesetters, and reach new fans and audiences with CCC’s multilingual manga and comics translation and typesetting services. Together, we’ll create new stories for you.


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