Fan Manga Translation vs. Official Releases: Consumer Preferences and Industry Impact

Manga translation is vital in expanding Japanese media and culture. After all, the global demand for manga continues to rise. Moreover, researchers have identified this demand among the contributing factors to manga’s rapid growth in market size. Thus, translation service providers would bridge cultural divides. Non-Japanese-speaking manga fans who want to enjoy the popular titles in Japan rely on translations. That’s where professional translation companies like CCC come in. Meanwhile, fellow fans also create independent translations to share amongst themselves. Read on as this blog explores how these two types of translation fare against each other. Key takeaways: Manga [...]

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Manga Typesetting in the Age of Digital Comics

Manga, the beloved Japanese art of storytelling through comics or graphic novels, has captured the hearts of people worldwide. In the age of digital comics, manga is no longer confined to Japan; it's now accessible to a global audience. One of the key elements that facilitates this widespread access is manga typesetting. This article highlights the world of typesetting manga and its importance in the digital age. It also explores the role of typesetters when translating manga into other languages. With professional manga typesetters, you’ll be confident that every element of your manga successfully translates into the target language. Key [...]

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