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Combining passion and craft, we transform your content into a language your audience can engage with.

Founded in 2011 to support a popular Japanese idol group to reach its global audience, we have now expanded our services to translating and localizing popular content such as manga, videos, games, and provide our partners with customer support for their international audience . 

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Transcription and Data Collection



Closed Captioning

Speech Data Collection

Creative Services

Web and Graphic Design

Manga Typesetting

Manga Coloring

Video Production

Customer Service Support

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Voice Support

We are a one-stop-shop for all your needs.

We have the ability to assist your overall
international growth with our wide range of services,
such as research, service and product introduction,
website and content creation, translation,
customer support for international users,
and operation assistance.

We support over 100 languages worldwide, and we will help you speak with your audience in any language.

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