Unlocking New Markets: 10 Reasons to Localize Your Business

Capturing more markets is part of any business’s expansion strategies. However, given that customers from potential areas have unique needs, decision makers face more challenges. That’s why it’s vital localize your business correctly to ensure growth and sustainability. We list 10 reasons to consider adopting a brand localization strategy for your next expansion campaign. Take a look. Key takeaways: When you localize your business, benefits include enhancing customer experience, boosting sales and revenue, and gaining a competitive advantage. Business localization involves adapting a company’s products, services, and strategies to meet a target market’s linguistic, cultural, and regulatory requirements. [...]

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Best Romance Manga To Read for Escaping Reality

We collected some titles of the best romance manga to read. Stress from personal issues and the gravity of real-world situations can take a toll on mental health. As such, people seek relief that often comes from stories. Romance has always been a popular genre, primarily for the optimism it offers. Regardless of what anyone is going through, reading a romance webtoon or watching a romantic film would uplift them. Given perpetual demand and popularity of romance novels, it’s always a good time to pick up a new title. Consider one or five from our list to get started! [...]

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The Power of eLearning Localization for Global Success

Companies that operate internationally often communicate with each other through English. After all, it is a dominant language in the business world. Moreover, the company’s educational content would likewise be in the English language. However, investing in eLearning localization for global team members may offer more benefits than leaving your English content as is. Companies that rely on bilingual workforces are limiting themselves. Meanwhile, localizing any kind of content is likely to resonate with target audiences more clearly and effectively than foreign content. In this blog, we explore the significance of professional eLearning localization services for global success. Key [...]

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The Future of Game Localization: Trends and Technologies

Gaming industry professionals have much to look forward to given the bright future of game localization. Just as any industry grows, effective localization services benefit the market by making games more globally accessible. Staying updated on the exciting developments would point people to success in the market. Accordingly, this blog explores different game localization trends that inform best practices for developers, publishers, and players. Key takeaways Research suggests the future of game localization focuses on improving solutions that guarantee inclusivity and genuine gaming content. Developers hire game localization company experts to ensure video games maintain their original essence while [...]

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Top 10 Romance Manhwa You Can’t Miss in 2024

Romance continues to be an in-demand genre for readers looking for uplifting stories. Thus, we collected some of the top romance manhwa to add to your reading checklist. Our selection’s first half features completed series. Meanwhile, the second half of titles are ongoing. Check out our curated list to see if anything piques your interest. Key takeaways Many top romance manhwa are available in English via official platforms, including WEBTOON, Tapas, Lezhin, and Tappytoon. Our list of romance manhwa to read focuses on titles that highlight the romantic plot while falling into other subgenres. We based our romance manhwa [...]

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Exploring the Best Picks: Game Recommendations for Different Genres

Avid or casual gamers looking for new titles may browse expert game recommendations for different genres. After all, input from fellow enthusiasts will likely lead to discovering hidden gems or popular favorites that match their preferences. Do you seek the adrenaline rush of a fast-paced shooter? Or does the immersive storytelling of a role-playing game engage you? Perhaps the strategic challenge of a puzzle adventure is more your speed. Regardless of your taste in video games, an array of experiences awaits. So, are you among those asking what’s the best game to play right now? If so, we collected [...]

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Fan Manga Translation vs. Official Releases: Consumer Preferences and Industry Impact

Manga translation is vital in expanding Japanese media and culture. After all, the global demand for manga continues to rise. Moreover, researchers have identified this demand among the contributing factors to manga’s rapid growth in market size. Thus, translation service providers would bridge cultural divides. Non-Japanese-speaking manga fans who want to enjoy the popular titles in Japan rely on translations. That’s where professional translation companies like CCC come in. Meanwhile, fellow fans also create independent translations to share amongst themselves. Read on as this blog explores how these two types of translation fare against each other. Key takeaways: Manga [...]

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Top 10 Webtoon-Based K-drama To Watch in 2024

Korean drama or K-drama is among Korea’s major exports. In 2022, these shows helped the country earn $1.7 billion from exporting Korean-language content, including music and videos. These shows appeal to viewers because of the variety of available shows, from thrillers and romance to slice of life.  Moreover, webtoon-based K-drama already has established audiences that look forward to seeing stories come to life on screen. Korea continues to produce K-dramas based on the rich source of webtoons and novels from local storytellers. At CCC, as professionals in the localization industry, we recognize the work and payoff involved in making [...]

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Top 10 Must-Read Manga in 2024

Globally, the manga market continues to grow in popularity. Statistics suggest how Japan’s manga market size owes a lot of its growth to digital content. Given the accessibility of online manga reading platforms, more readers can enjoy the thrilling narratives only Japanese mangaka can craft. In addition, many of these platforms have official English translations, making them even more accessible to a global audience! We gathered some titles of the must-read manga 2024 has to offer. Key Takeaways: Must-read manga series in this list come from recommendations of Japanese bookstores. Several must-read manga 2024 has in store are [...]

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Manga Typesetting in the Age of Digital Comics

Manga, the beloved Japanese art of storytelling through comics or graphic novels, has captured the hearts of people worldwide. In the age of digital comics, manga is no longer confined to Japan; it's now accessible to a global audience. One of the key elements that facilitates this widespread access is manga typesetting. This article highlights the world of typesetting manga and its importance in the digital age. It also explores the role of typesetters when translating manga into other languages. With professional manga typesetters, you’ll be confident that every element of your manga successfully translates into the target language. Key [...]

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