Corporate Information

Corporate Name
Office Address
#10 2/F, Malayan House Km.6 J.P. Laurel Ave., Lanang Davao City 8000 Philippines
February 10, 2012
Katherine N. Bantiles - President
Dai Hamaguchi - Director and General Manager
Shirley Anne Mendoza - Director and General Manager
Daisuke Hasegawa - Co-Founder & Director
100 (Including part-time team members)
+63 (82) 233 0032
Service Offering
Translation Services
Creative Services
Transcription and Speech Data Collection
Customer Service Support
Japan Translation Federation
The Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Mindanao

Corporate Philosophy

Create a new story

We are committed to work with our business partners and our community to slowly increase the number of opportunities in the future. We want to create employment opportunities, develop human resources, who in turn will create new businesses for the community.
We offer new values to the table by increasing the number of opportunities to every one of us. This is what we meant by, “Create a new story.”
Our goal is to build a society where each individual is able to take on challengers with vigor and create a new story for the future.

Corporate Mission

Bring more employment opportunities to Davao
Poverty and economic disparity are some of the major problems in the Philippines. These problems can be mitigated by bolstering education and facilitating employment opportunities. As a company with a social responsibility, we believe that we can contribute to ease the problems through bringing more employment opportunities in Davao. Many corporate entities aim to expand their business. We can help these companies with their goals thus creating more job opportunities as well as broaden the career horizon of Davao.

Increase businesses in Davao
Along with the expansion of our existing businesses, we aim to actively launch new ones, work on outsourced projects, and attract more companies to Davao City. Adding diversity to our business through launching new small businesses, outsourcing projects, and inviting Japanese companies to expand here will avoid the risk of sudden drop in employment opportunities if the business value declines.
Currently, there are more than 10 million OFWs working abroad. Although this is not a bad thing but the lack of local employment opportunities is what keeps them away from from their families. Moreover, the constant loss of local talent from job opportunities abroad hurts the local community in various aspects. Thus, we will continue to expand our businesses in Davao to cater to our local talents.

Develop the human resources in Davao
It is our belief that human resources pertain to individuals who can generate businesses and employment opportunities in the community. A company is not an educational institution. However, ordinary educational institutions struggle to develop human resources who can create those opportunities. With that, companies must challenge themselves to provide the development needed for growth.
In the Philippines, huge income disparities are apparent in all communities due to the lack of management training. Our goal is to create an organization where members can grow into business leaders. These business leaders will be the key in slowly dispelling the negative social consciousness and destroy the sense of social hierarchy.
In order to achieve this, we will increase the number of capable human resources through providing necessary training. These individuals will become the exemplar of capable human resources.


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