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  • CREATIVE CONNECTIONS & COMMONS INC. is looking for Filipino (Tagalog) native speakers to work in a Tagalog Audio Collection project with us! The Job Overview We are looking for Tagalog native speakers that are excellent in speech. Your task will be to record Filipino sentences. The ideal candidate should have excellent language and speaking skills. [...]

  • CREATIVE CONNECTIONS & COMMONS INC. is looking for an English to Tagalog translator to work in a creative environment. The Job Overview CCC is looking for a sharp English to Tagalog translator to join our creative company. You will translate original material from English to Tagalog and type the contents into digital documents. The ideal [...]

  • Creative Connections & Commons Inc. is looking for a Tagalog Transcriber to work in a creative environment. Tagalog Transcriber Job Overview We are seeking a detail-oriented Tagalog transcriber to join our creative company. You will listen to audio files and type the contents into digital documents or convert them into text format. The ideal candidate [...]

  • CREATIVE CONNECTIONS & COMMONS INC. is looking for a Japanese to Tagalog Translator Job Description: Primary responsibility is translating work for improving the quality of simultaneous machine translation from Japanese to Tagalog Home Based fulltime/parttime worker Working hours: Flexible work within 24 hours. What you need: Stable internet connection ・ Computer or Laptop (smartphones prohibited) [...]

  • Data Entry & Post-Editor Job Description: Train optical character recognition A.I. for comic translation system. Data entry or correction of machine character recognition of Japanese characters on manga/webtoon using in-house tools. Post-edit English texts for coherence and consistency with the manga/webtoon’s storyline. Job Requirements: JLPT N5 level holder or higher Moderate proficiency in English Knowledgeable [...]

  • Avid or casual gamers looking for new titles may browse expert game recommendations for different genres. After all, input from fellow enthusiasts will likely lead to discovering hidden gems or popular favorites that match their preferences. Do you seek the adrenaline rush of a fast-paced shooter? Or does the immersive storytelling of a role-playing [...]

  • Manga translation is vital in expanding Japanese media and culture. After all, the global demand for manga continues to rise. Moreover, researchers have identified this demand among the contributing factors to manga’s rapid growth in market size. Thus, translation service providers would bridge cultural divides. Non-Japanese-speaking manga fans who want to enjoy the popular [...]

  • Korean drama or K-drama is among Korea’s major exports. In 2022, these shows helped the country earn $1.7 billion from exporting Korean-language content, including music and videos. These shows appeal to viewers because of the variety of available shows, from thrillers and romance to slice of life.  Moreover, webtoon-based K-drama already has established audiences [...]

  • Globally, the manga market continues to grow in popularity. Statistics suggest how Japan’s manga market size owes a lot of its growth to digital content. Given the accessibility of online manga reading platforms, more readers can enjoy the thrilling narratives only Japanese mangaka can craft. In addition, many of these platforms have official English [...]

  • Manga, the beloved Japanese art of storytelling through comics or graphic novels, has captured the hearts of people worldwide. In the age of digital comics, manga is no longer confined to Japan; it's now accessible to a global audience. One of the key elements that facilitates this widespread access is manga typesetting. This article highlights [...]

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