Romance continues to be an in-demand genre for readers looking for uplifting stories. Thus, we collected some of the top romance manhwa to add to your reading checklist. Our selection’s first half features completed series. Meanwhile, the second half of titles are ongoing. Check out our curated list to see if anything piques your interest.

Key takeaways

  • Many top romance manhwa are available in English via official platforms, including WEBTOON, Tapas, Lezhin, and Tappytoon.
  • Our list of romance manhwa to read focuses on titles that highlight the romantic plot while falling into other subgenres.
  • We based our romance manhwa recommendations on popularity, views, subscriptions, and reader ratings on official platforms.

Table of contents

  1. Completed Romance Manhwa To Read in 2024
  2. Ongoing Romance Webtoon 2024
  3. CCC – Language Professionals Listing the Top Romance Manhwa

Completed Romance Manhwa To Read in 2024

Here are some of the best romance manhwa completed and ready for you to binge read.

1. Daytime Star by Chaeun and Godago

You might have already heard about this romance drama manhwa with over 57.7 million views on WEBTOON. Plus, talks of Hyun Bin and Son Yejin leading the webtoon based k-drama adaptation have been going around.

Daytime Star is only six episodes long, making it a great romance manhwa to read in one go. This story continues to capture readers, which may be due to its relatable lead, romantic thrills, and insights into the entertainment industry.

This manhwa is about an actress with a slow career. She seemingly has no luck in the industry, barely landing minor roles. However, her situation brings her closer to a top celebrity. These two somehow get involved in a new movie project, which becomes an opportunity for them to develop a romance.

2. My Secretly Hot Husband by Harara, Gabi Nam, and Jungyeon

If you’re looking for a longer story to indulge in, consider adding My Secretly Hot Husband to your list. Fans of romantic fantasies would enjoy this manhwa. Granted, its title might sound silly. Its premise is also a bit funny. However, this manhwa’s 114 episodes have over eight million views on Tapas for a reason.

Running from 2020 to 2023, this story follows Letitia, whose uncle arranges for her to marry the infamous “Monster Lord.” Terrifying as it may be, she soon discovers that her betrothed is nothing like the monster she imagined. He turns out to be secretly gentle and, most importantly, hot. Letitia helps her husband realize his true nature while protecting the castle from actual monsters.

3. Getting To Know Grace by Hilde and Mokma

For fans of historical drama, Getting To Know Grace is one of the best romance manhwa completed in 2023. This story follows Andrew Grace, a sickly girl from a prominent family, and her maid Herta. Although it’s another love story between two social classes, this manhwa is refreshing with beautiful art and writing.

When you decide to read this manhwa, expect every episode to have at least one panel of gorgeous landscapes. These illustrations only amplify the stunning character designs of Mokma. Get to know the Grace family’s secrets and discover how this story stands out from other romantic historical drama.

4. Her Tale of Shim Chong by Biwan and Seri

Another historical romance manhwa for your consideration is Her Tale of Shim Chong, based on a Korean folktale. This story follows the young beggar Shim Chong who lives off donations to support herself and her blind father. She falls in love with a new bride whom she rescues from a river.

Over 81 episodes and 9 specials, this manhwa gives readers romance, strong female leads, folklore, and fighting the patriarchy. You can read all episodes, extras, side stories, and specials on Tappytoon.

5. My Pet Bat by Jade

Also known as Raising a Bat, this title alone should hint at the story being a vampire romance. It follows Min-kyum, a high school senior who moves into a neighborhood with mysterious cases of blood loss. In his new school, he meets a suspiciously pale classmate.

My Pet Bat has 82 episodes, including 24 side stories, all of which are available to read on Lezhin. Read all about Min-kyum’s unusual predator-prey relationship with the “bat” he takes on as a pet.

Pro tip: My Pet Bat contains mature content, particularly in the side stories. Despite being available on Lezhin, these episodes may be unavailable to some readers. However, Lezhin Comics offers a Plus app where you can read manhwa with adult content.

Ongoing Romance Webtoon 2024

Catch up on these top romance manhwa titles and then join the fans looking forward to each update.

Note: The titles under this section have been ongoing as of this writing (March 2024). Titles may have concluded upon publication of this listicle.

6. The Dragon King’s Bride by Kanghee Jamae

One of the most exciting ongoing titles on WEBTOON is The Dragon King’s Bride. It has 38.9 million views and over one million subscriptions. This romance manhwa explores married life through a fantasy lens.

However, content warnings include depictions and discussions of abuse and trauma. Still, this manhwa’s love story takes a classic storytelling recipe and updates it for a modern audience of webtoon enjoyers.

7. Marriage of Convenience by KEN and hanheun

This fantasy romance follows Bianca de Arno, who wakes up as her 19-year-old self after wishing to mend her ways. In the Kingdom of Sevran, she is infamous for being a wicked countess. However, with her second chance, she starts doing good, beginning with the husband she mistreated.

Marriage of Convenience is already complete in Korea, but its side stories are ongoing. On Tapas, this manhwa has been going on since October 2022 and updates every Wednesday.

8. What Does the Fox Say? by Team Gaji

What Does the Fox Say? is an adult romance manhwa available in English on Tapas. It’s currently on hiatus with 27 episodes ready for viewing. However, this manhwa is already complete in its original language.

Lezhin US only published 99 chapters of this title before discontinuing it. Moreover, Tappytoon’s license has since expired. Only those who have previously unlocked chapters of What Does the Fox Say? can access the full story in English.

9. No Kidding by Dobeot

Also known as Serious Joke, this one-sided slice-of-life romance follows Han Seok starting a new semester. On his way to school, a cat attacks him and meets Han Ki Woon, who saves Han Seok. These two turn out to be classmates and Han Seok’s infatuation with Ki Woon only grows.

Han Seok does everything to charm Ki Woon, only to sense a wall between them. This classic unrequited love story paired with a delightful art style is fun to look forward to every week. No Kidding has been ongoing since 2020 in Korea, with Lezhin US updating every Monday.

10. Sweetie, Sweetie, Sweetie by Dam Jeok Dan and Nok

Finally, we end our list with a historical fantasy romance. Sweetie, Sweetie, Sweetie follows Jeong Yujin waking up as a lord of a fantasy novel world. In this novel, he must save the world but also marry the main antagonist.

Fairly new, this manhwa only came out in 2023. Tappytoon updates every Sunday, with 35 episodes available in English as of March 10, 2024. If you’re looking for a lighthearted story to follow every week, nothing is sweeter than this manhwa.

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