To help companies reach a larger audience through effective multilingual communication


CCC is on a mission to help companies reach a larger audience through effective multilingual communication. We cover the whole spectrum of professional multilingual general and specialized translation: books, fiction, textbooks, articles, closed captions, training manuals, etc.

Professional translation of specialized and general texts in almost every field – from business documents translation to news, books, articles, blogs, fiction, textbooks, closed captions, manuals, and many more. Moreover, we also offer translation and localization services for websites, mobile apps, software, etc.

Translation connects people all over the world


It is almost impossible to describe the significance of translation in our society and our daily lives. A basic and clear definition, however, would be changing the original text from the source to the target language. A translator does a series of transformation and adaptation of a text, and as a result, a reader gets an understandable and meaningful final message.

Translation connects people all over the world, opens the way to global interaction, and enables effective communication. Furthermore, it carries out a cultural survey of languages and thus protects cultural heritage.

It is highly worthy to note that people prefer reading in their native languages. Customers are 6 times more likely to buy a product or service when the information is in their native language.

Equally important is the fact that going global means having your content translated into multiple languages. Almost every entrepreneur and business owner needs professional multilingual communication services to overcome the language barrier. 

We translate and localize both general and specialized content from various fields


The difference between general and specialized translation is the terminological and technical difficulty level. The general translation is the simpler of two types and does not involve jargon or lingo, and thus targets a general audience.

In contrast to general translation, specialized translation calls for expert knowledge in specified fields and may include complex terminology in the text. Consequently, it requires higher language proficiency, as well as knowledge and expertise in the subject. Furthermore, the etymology of these special phrases or terms may vary from one language to another, or even between dialects of the same language, thus involving additional research for accuracy and appropriateness. Nonetheless, both special and general content translation require localization. Get more insights about the difference between language translation and language localization here.

We translate and localize both general and specialized content from various fields such as:

  • Business
  • Physics
  • Law
  • Literature
  • Social Science
  • Humanities
  • Technology
  • Philosophy, etc.

When hiring a professional translation and localization company, make sure the service provider has been in the business for several years. Expert linguists have adequate knowledge of translation mechanics, resources, and best practices. Here at CCC, we have more than 10 years of proven working experience in Asia and Europe.

Reach out to new global markets with our general and specialized translation services!

For multinational businesses, it is undeniably important to hire a specialized translator


Professional business translation services are for internal and external business documents, training manuals, textbooks, among other materials necessary for business operation.

For multinational businesses, it is undeniably important to hire a specialized translator who has a mastery of the source and target languages. Whether it is an HR document, a contract, memorandum of agreement (MOA), or manuals for your team, the translator must be adept at the use of certain typographical devices, among other linguistic conventions, of the specific field and language of your reader.

Depending on the scope and specification of your business, you can choose any type of CCC’s specialized translation services:

  • Marketing or Commercial Translation
  • Legal Translation
  • Computer or Technical Translation
  • Economic and Financial Translation
  • Administrative Translation, etc.
The web content is adapted for consumption by a specific audience


For companies aiming to enter a new international market, it is undoubtedly necessary to have one’s website translated and localized. Your website is the backbone of your business and serves as a “home base” for customer purchases and online presence. Multilingual website translation gives a professional makeover to your website in order to appeal to countries you are meaning to expand into.

During the website localization process, the web content is adapted for consumption by a specific audience. This helps your brand reach your targets more efficiently. However, many companies make the mistake of merely translating content from English to the local language, resulting in missed opportunities and sometimes, unfortunately, loss of profit. Luckily, you don’t have to go through the same risk and trouble; website localization is a foolproof marketing strategy that unlocks better engagement from local audiences.

At CCC, we provide multilingual website translation and localization services. Our professional translators and localization specialists will provide your specialized and nuanced message to meet cultural preferences.

Along with web translation and localization, we also offer content creation, article and blog writing, and BPO services. These are equally essential ingredients for your digital presence and your success in the modern marketplace.

Whether you are looking for website translation and localization into multiple languages, mobile app localization for Android or iOS, or video game localization, you can count on us. Our multilingual team will help speed up your expansion projects and your global success.

Book translation is our passion


Book translation is our passion. As not only a leading global translation and localization service provider, but also humanities and literature savvy individuals, we delight in our book translation projects which include fiction and non-fiction, textbooks, and even poetry collections.

For authors and publishers, to have their book translated to another or several language/s and make it available around the world is a significant milestone. For book lovers, to be able to read their beloved author’s books in their mother tongue is a precious, sometimes rare, opportunity.

CCC is composed of a team of expert book translators for any literary genre with many years of experience. We work with publishing houses and partner with authors worldwide to have their books translated into widely spoken languages abroad.

Whether it is fantasy, historical, science fiction, mystery, biography, drama, or poetry, our book translators deliver superior quality output. Get your book translated only by savvy and passionate linguists!

Are you ready to grow internationally and take your company global?


We’ve worked with authors and publishing houses, especially in Japan and Europe, on translation, proofreading, copy-editing, typesetting, and e-books. Our multilingual professional translators have specific knowledge, use specialized terminology, and have mastered technical jargon for specific fields. They specialize in nearly every field – traveling, business, marketing, law, technical, finance, economics, commerce, academia, IT, etc.

Are you ready to grow internationally and take your company global? We will help you expand your global reach around the world by offering you a wide range of translation services in more than 30 languages. By translating and localizing your content for every country, you’ll fine-tune your message to your client and increase profit.

Reach a wider audience and get maximum ROI with our professional multilingual translation services.

Our team can help you with any kind of translation service you may need


The emergence of cloud-based translation platforms and technological innovations like Google Translate allowed freelancers to work on translation requests, thereby reducing translation costs. We offer a similar rate as freelancers while providing you high-quality translation made possible by a dedicated team of expert translators. Our team can help you with any kind of translation service you may need. Here are the main stages of our general and specialized translation process:

✓ Translation

✓ Checking

✓ Proofreading / Finalization

By having a team of translators specific to a project, we eliminate the possibility of having inconsistencies in the translation quality, as well as enable after-sales support.

We guarantee 100% correctness of the translation


Aside from our translations undergoing three processes to ensure quality (translation, checking, proofreading/finalization), we have eliminated the inspection period that translation companies usually have. It is our principle that we take responsibility for the quality and its management even after delivery. In terms of quality, it has been proven that we have continued to maintain a satisfactory translation quality as evidenced by major Japanese translation companies continuously employing our services.

We guarantee 100% correctness of the translation. Rest assured that your document will not only be accurate but also culturally appropriate and natural-sounding to the target audience.


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