Avid or casual gamers looking for new titles may browse expert game recommendations for different genres. After all, input from fellow enthusiasts will likely lead to discovering hidden gems or popular favorites that match their preferences.

Do you seek the adrenaline rush of a fast-paced shooter? Or does the immersive storytelling of a role-playing game engage you? Perhaps the strategic challenge of a puzzle adventure is more your speed. Regardless of your taste in video games, an array of experiences awaits.

So, are you among those asking what’s the best game to play right now? If so, we collected some exciting titles that our avid gaming experts would recommend. Take a look at our favorites and see what might captivate you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choosing a title from game recommendations for different genres is easier with input from avid gaming experts.
  • We based our video game recommendations on popular titles and games that our experts genuinely enjoy.
  • Our list ensures players would select any game recommendation PC users can enjoy.

Table of Contents:

  1. Action-Adventure Games
  2. Role-Playing Games (RPGs)
  3. First-Person Shooter (FPS) Games
  4. Simulation Games
  5. CCC: Need Expert Guidance on What’s the Best Game To Play Right Now?

Action-Adventure Games

Video games that offer thrilling action and exciting adventures are some of the bestselling titles. In particular, adventure games generated US$4,591.00 million in China in 2022. If you’re up to explore an open world for adrenaline-pumping action, consider some of the following video game recommendations.

Hero’s Land

Right Now, Hero’s Land tops the Steam Charts as the most played action-adventure game. As of February 2024, the number of players peak at around 34,000. This game is a multiplayer person versus environment versus player (PvEvP) game where survival is key.

Throughout their adventures, players can unlock different heroes to elevate their experience. Every reward they earn is valuable and motivates players to survive. Otherwise, they lose everything they’ve hunted and looted thus far.

Resident Evil 4

You might recognize this survival horror game title. After all, the Resident Evil or Biohazard franchise started in 1996. This title in particular has been around since 2005. As a remake, Resident Evil 4 includes upgraded graphics, an updated plot, new mini-quests, and downloadable content.

This video game has universal acclaim from critics and players alike. Gamers in our team share this positive view as it is modern yet retains what made us enjoy the original. Another great thing about this remake is how it’s now available on more platforms. Thus, it’s now a game recommendation PC and Apple device users can enjoy.

Pro tip: You can play “Resident Evil 4” even without playing its previous installments. Rest assured that it stands alone as a separate game with a unique plot. However, having knowledge of the previous games may enhance your gaming experience with more context. If you choose to play the previous three games, remakes are available and it’s not too late to catch up.

It Takes Two

If you have a friend to play with, whether on a PC, Xbox, or PlayStation, try this action role-playing game. It Takes Two is a cooperative action-adventure game following the story of soon-to-be-divorcees Cody and May.

Two players take on these roles and must play in a split screen (local or online). Working together, they would progress through the game’s levels. Unlike most action-adventure titles, this game is rather endearing and less violent.

Role-Playing Games (RPGs)

Usually, RPGs offer epic fantasy adventures or futuristic sci-fi settings. Regardless of your preference, these games feature deep narratives that engage players for hours. Essentially, players take on the roles of fictional characters in these games.

However, some titles offer character customization options, giving them freedom to represent their personas. For example, Dota 2 features multiple “heroes” that players can customize and modify according to their preferences.

Note: Dota 2 has been around since 2013 yet continues to peak with hundreds of thousands of players. Although it’s a solid RPG recommendation, we gathered some recent titles that you might want to try.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink

Like Resident Evil 4, this title is part of a larger franchise that you can still play without prior knowledge. Granblue Fantasy: Relink features classic party gameplay that you would expect from a fantasy RPG.

Moreover, like many RPGs, this game invites players to fully immerse in its story to enjoy it completely. Are you a fan of plot-driven games and want to try something fresh? This game is perfect for solo or co-op play!


Speaking of co-op play, Enshrouded supports up to 16 players. This action survival RPG turns you into the last hope of a dying race or what the game calls “Flameborn.” As you explore the vast in-game world, you will discover terrifying elements that you and your allies can vanquish.

As an open-world survival game, the gameplay truly feels like an adventure. There is no linear progression unlike plot-driven action games. Still, the game has a story that players can fully immerse into and quest according to their pace.

First-Person Shooter (FPS) Games

Among internet users, 2023 statistics reported that shooter games are the most popular. Regardless of age group, this genre topped the ranks. Being the most played genre for nearly all age groups, you can expect a high demand for such games. Accordingly, game localization services are valuable in making FPS games available to global audiences.

FPS games are video games where players experience the action through the eyes of their character. Video games have had this viewpoint since the ‘70s, which may explain why the genre remains popular across age groups. If you’re looking for these kinds of games, try these titles:

Cyberpunk 2077

This game is another open-world RPG. It also has a nonlinear storyline where players can land one of its multiple endings. Plus, being an FPS game, players experience the exciting RPG elements as if they were in the game itself.

Cyberpunk 2077 saw an all-time peak of over a million players, according to Steam Charts. Currently, over 37 thousand players actively play the game. It may also owe its continued popularity to Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, a 2022 anime based on the video game.

Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike is an elite FPS video game. This series began in 1999 and every PC must have had the video game installed. Counter-Strike 2 is the latest title in the core series. Counter-Strike 2 offers the full FPS experience for anyone looking to get into the genre. From tactical gameplay and skill development to community and social interaction, it’s doubtless why the game’s popularity endures.

Simulation Games

If you play video games to relax, simulation games might help. These games offer immersive experiences without the competitive factor that others might enjoy. Some recent titles we found interesting include:

Supermarket Simulator

Manage a supermarket without the consequences of running one in real life. This game has gotten very positive reviews despite only launching in 2024. There can be some arguably stressful elements like debts and gangs but overall, the structured gameplay is quite relaxing.


This virtual pet simulator is free and open source. Essentially, you take care of a cute desktop pet with the classic interactions that are reminiscent of Tamagotchi. Installing it on your PC makes tasks seem fun because you get an adorable character dancing around.

CCC: Need Expert Guidance on What’s the Best Game To Play Right Now?

Our list of game recommendations for different genres included titles for action-adventure, RPG, and FPS genres. Selecting the best one to play depends on your preferences when playing a video game. While some might enjoy the competition that Counter-Strike 2 offers, others might want to chill and run a virtual supermarket.

All the best picks are available worldwide and have undergone professional game localization ensuring audiences experience the games as intended. We recognize the work that goes into video game accessibility.

Thus, a wide variety of CCC services cater to game developers who want to reach their target audiences. Games are only one part that our language experts work on. If you have a project that you want to globalize, contact us now to discuss!