Top 10 Romance Webtoons for Valentine’s Day!

Are you in the mood for romance? Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. To get in the mood of the season, here are the top 10 must-read romance webtoons for Valentine’s Day!

Are you the type of person who likes to coordinate what they read with the season? As the season of love draws near, you must be looking for new and exciting romance webtoons to read. Romance is a genre in webtoons that never fails to make us giddy and excited. There are a lot of options to choose from, and the list can become overwhelming, especially when you are new to the genre. Different formats, such as manga, manhwa, manhua, and webtoon, have different appeals. If you are looking for a short and easy format to read, then a webtoon is the perfect choice.

Korean webtoons were initially created to provide light, casual, and cool reads during the time when Korean manhwa was at its lowest point. During the years and as the industry continued to grow, more people became interested in reading and creating webtoons and thus, genres and subgenres emerged.

Here are the top 10 romance webtoons for Valentine’s Day that you should read!

Arranged Marriage, Fake Dating, and Office Romance Webtoons

1. So I Married an Anti-Fan (그래서 나는 안티팬과 결혼했다)

So, I married an Anti-Fan romance webtoon for Valentine's Day

Creators: Jaerim, Eunjeong Kim

Status: Completed

K-drama adaptation: Yes

How far would you go to destroy someone you despise the most? Geunyeong Lee is prepared to take a risk with everything she has to bring down Korean superstar Hoo Joon, the nation’s national treasure, despite having no home, no job, and nothing left to lose. But when they begin to know one another, taking him down suddenly becomes increasingly difficult. When she discovers the truth about the pop star’s real identity, will she be able to permanently ruin him?

This contractual marriage and forced proximity romance webtoon will surely make your toes curl with giddiness this Valentine’s Day. Both leads participate in a reality television show where they are forced to live together and get to know each other. Dive into the exciting twists and turns of this Korean webtoon!

2. Business Proposal (사내맞선)

Creators: Perilla, NARAK, Haehwa, Guavafarm

Status: Completed

K-drama adaptation: Yes

Hari agreed to go on one blind date with her BFF and act like a super-vixen in order to put an end to all of her unwelcome marriage proposals. Unfortunately, Hari is suffering from a headache rather than seeing it as an easy money task. Taemu, the attractive new CEO of her company, is her date. He has his own intentions to appease his family by marrying whoever shows up on the date. Should Hari agree to continue playing pretend at his suggestion? Nothing could go wrong if you pretended to be someone else while dating the boss, right?

This cute and funny romance webtoon revolves around interesting tropes and chaebols. If you want to read about how Chaebols lead their lives, then this will definitely be an interesting read.

3. Positively Yours (아기가 생겼어요)

Creator: Kang Ki, Lee Jung

Status: Completed

K-drama adaptation: No

Heewon was shocked to learn that her crush and her other BFF were now dating! Heewon, who is really depressed, resolves to let go only once and seek comfort from a handsome stranger. A highly fulfilling one-night stand has now developed into something more because she is pregnant! Fate pulls them together once more, and the obedient Doojoon is now ready to marry her. But in essence, they are strangers! Except, their bodies have been very close friends. What should this expecting mother do?

A wholesome romance webtoon with a dash of adult scenes and drama—this Korean webtoon will take you on Heewon’s unexpected journey to motherhood. As she adjusts to a life as a pregnant woman with a husband popping up in the scene, this will be a long yet cute ride. You will surely enjoy this romance webtoon on Valentine’s Day!

4. The New Employee (신입사원)

Creator: Moscareto, Zec

Status: Completed

K-drama adaptation: Yes

This romantic boy’s love webtoon is about a budding office romance between a marketing intern and his supervisor. The main character starts working as an intern at a marketing firm. He reports to a strict boss who is renowned for his severe work ethic. This is the perfect romantic webtoons for Valentine’s day!

School Life and University Webtoons

5. Cheese in the Trap (치즈 인 더 트랩)

Creator: Soonkki

Status: Completed

K-drama adaptation: Yes

A typical university student, Hong Seol is busy doing part-time jobs to cover her living and tuition costs. Her senior at the same university, Yoo Jung, appears ideal. Yoo Jung has a good disposition, hails from a wealthy family, and is attractive, yet Hong Seol does not feel at ease around him. Yoo Jung suddenly approaches her and asks her out on a date.

Are you looking for romance and drama in one? Then, this is for you. This romantic webtoon explores the lives of college students, social class differences, love triangles, and character developments.

6. Ooh La La (쎄쎄쎄) 

Creator: Jaemin

Status: Completed

K-drama adaptation: No

This is not your typical love story. There was no love at first sight, no forced dating, just a slow burn and domestic romance between students. They might look uninterested in each other at first, but the beautiful way their relationship progressed is enough reason to read this webtoon. If you want a no-fuss, sweet-as-candy romance between two atypical characters, then this is for you.

7. Cherry Blossoms After Winter (겨울지나벚꽃)

Creator: Bamwoo

Status: Completed

K-drama adaptation: Yes

Seo Haebom is forced to live with an adoptive family with a son named Jo Taeseong, who is the same age, after the loss of his parents. Haebom is in awe of Taeseong because he sees him as everything he isn’t: tall, attractive, well-liked, kind, and deserving of love and attention. 

However, after Haebom and Jo Taeseong end up in the same high school class, things start to change a little for the pair. They are suddenly spending more time than ever at home and at school together. Unexpectedly, there is a spark of romance between the two.

A childhood friend to lovers’ romance webtoon for those who crave it, this Korean webtoon will keep you from noticing that time exists. Binge-reading this will be totally worth it, though.

8. Doridosim (도리도심)

Creator: Lee Gpiee

Status: Completed

K-drama adaptation: No

Kang Dol chooses to admit his affections for Yang Yang as his crush on her intensifies. He makes a brave confession while facing away from her, but as he opens his eyes and looks around, Min Dosim is standing in front of him instead of Yang Yang. Oops?! The most unexpected turn of events is when Dosim, the most popular girl in school, accidentally complies, and they decide to go together. What should Kang Dol do to clean up this mess?

This fast-paced romance webtoon that stemmed from a misunderstanding will bring you heart-throbbing moments that will surely make you squeal with delight. Definitely a must-read!

Fantasy Romance Webtoons

9. Siren’s Lament

Creator: instantmiso

Status: Completed

K-drama adaptation: No

In his second Webtoon series, instantmiso tells the story of Lyra, a teenage girl who has been partially converted into a siren as a result of Poseidon’s curse. All those who are grieving can hear the siren’s call on a full moon night, which is the menacingly alluring singing of the sea’s grieving creatures. Lyra is a bit of a wallflower, content with her routine life. However, when she unintentionally enters the world of sirens, her cozy way of life abruptly goes wrong. Lyra will discover that her world might be much larger than she had ever thought after becoming entangled in a curse.

10. The Abandoned Empress (버림 받은 황비)

Creator: iNA, Yuna

Status: Completed

K-drama adaptation: No

Aristia was brought up to succeed her mother as the next empress of the Castina Empire as a proud daughter of House Monique. The Emperor has turned his back, and Aristia’s sad life as a lower queen is ended by death as a result of the appearance of a mysterious new female. She is reborn, albeit seven years early, after being given a second chance to change her destiny.

Romance Webtoon Translation Services

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