Artificial intelligence is the most advanced level in computer programming, this is where machines are fed details that enable them to learn and initiate commands, this helps in automation and urgent task scheduling like transcription and speech and audio data collection.

Artificial intelligence is also being used in home automation systems, from detecting and opening door locks and turning on light and entertainment systems, this is now a trend. Every modern home has some sort of utility or entertainment management system of sorts, may it be Siri or Alexa and/or Google, these are the examples of which.



Modern tasks and processes are put into computer commands to enable the machine to learn a certain function and follow a certain trigger or timeline to initiate the commands. These commands can be something that is hard-coded into the system with minimal requirement for user input, or it can also be a continuous feed and learning structure where input commands are fed towards a command recorder.

Previously, macro command processing through multiple programs form an algorithm which is then fed into computers to initiate these commands. These enabled users to have more productivity through the easier acquisition of data from dedicated company servers and internal networks. 

Today’s work structure with the help of AI makes it easier for companies to allow repetitive tasks to be automatically scheduled and certain processes such as report processing and data analysis to be done by clicking a button or uttering a command to a machine that communicates it to a central processing computer.

These computers are now located in the Cloud. Cloud is a modern term for a network of computers that utilizes the world wide web and other global information processing infrastructure to simultaneously process data and provide redundancy.

A very good question, AI or artificial intelligence technology allows for these massive computer networks to communicate with each other. The rather massive job is being managed and processed by a few overseers of individual systems and thus providing more workability between large pools of data and commands from billions of users worldwide.

Machine learning is one of the processes AI is being developed


Machine learning is one of the processes AI is being developed. Getting recorded audio and even written content into a format that can be processed for machine learning pushes through the advancement of this technology.

Translated contents make it possible for the AI to understand different languages. This makes it possible for the machine to learn, understand, process and improve upon it. Sourcing this process with a well-experienced team is a necessity for successful implementation.

Audio data collection is facilitated


Audio data collection is facilitated by having a source conversation or a full conversation collected and saved. From this point, this data is analyzed to get it prepared for translation. 

Further processing and enhancement of these datasets


By this point, the processed data is fed into an algorithm that allows for systems to understand and allow for smart platforms to cater to commands, this can be as simple as opening a website or processing a search category in Google or Youtube.

Further processing and enhancement of these datasets such as processing it through NLP (Natural Language Processing) Technology and ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) system enable more functionality such as the automated recording of conversations, meetings, and other communication. This in turn allows for a spare resource to utilize for another more important task than being an attendee to a meeting or conference to take down notes.


Audio is collected through the conversion of spoken words from a microphone into a digital signal by an ADC converter. The processed material is then fed into a computer for speech recognition. This enables the machine to learn to recognize and identify a speaker to which the pattern belongs to.


CCC is a multilingual service company that specializes in providing a globally competitive level of service supporting the AI technology market.
We can help in the difficult process of overcoming language barriers and nuances. May it be due to accents, tone, pitch, and other related challenges.

Where can CCC help you best?

Creative Connections and Commons Inc. has a very extensive resume in multilingual services, we can provide the best quality of service in transcribing and translating spoken content.

What is our guarantee?

Our company has worked with different companies in major fields in manufacturing, health, legal and other fields. Our experience in these areas grants us access to unparalleled involvement and access to understanding speech patterns, writing, and speaking styles.

Our team of translators, transcribers, and team leaders will be able to ensure the accuracy and quality of work is to the highest level. We are a team composed of native speakers and multilingual experts to ensure that all the hurdles and language barriers are overcome.

How do we do it?

We collect and process recorded data and make it available for machine learning and other applications. This is done by using manual recording and using trusted sources and tools.

What is the importance of your work?

Your work improves the world and we are there to help your business. That is why we continue to work in this field. Your partnership with us holds the highest value. 

Why is audio data collection important?

This is an integral part of this rapidly developing world, speech data recognition not only makes life simpler but also makes work more efficient, leading to higher productivity. Artificial intelligence will help us achieve that goal.

What is speech recognition?

Speech recognition is the process where a spoken word becomes a command or a  trigger for action during machine learning. This requires utmost attention in order to ensure that the AI can easily understand and follow what it’s told. This is something that NLP or Natural Language processing algorithms.

What if I have no data available?

We can process data that is readily available or manufactured, these are acquired through scripted or recorded conversations through phone or other available recording devices. The format of which is customized to what data is needed.

What level of quality can be guaranteed with manufactured data?

All the data we process will be made available in 30 different languages and done by 100 human participants. This guarantees the authenticity of the conversation. All factors of speech are considered and applied. This includes pitch, tone, native pronunciation. This is done by multilingual experts and native speakers alike.

By this method, the conversations are genuine and the proper message is conveyed in proper detail.  

Have you done transcription and data collection before?

CCC combines decades of experience from different fields and has worked with different companies all over the world. Our portfolio includes working in entertainment media, translating, copy editing, typesetting, and more, making graphic novels, anime, manga, and similar genres from different countries and languages. 

This not only gives us the edge but also the dynamism in the array of services we can deliver and we do this in more than 30 different European and Asian languages. We have since been able to translate, transcribe, and process 23 million words for different companies from different fields. 


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