Most Requested Languages for Translation and Localization 2022

Business industries need translation and localization to break into the global market. To do so, they must identify suitable languages for translation and localization for their business.

What are Translation and Localization?

Translation is the process of converting text from one language to another. With the help of the internet, the borders of the world blur out. Thus, creating much more open and diverse content in one click. Translation became the bridge between one culture to another, sending messages that would not have been possible if it were not for translation.

On the other hand, localization is the process of making the text more local. It makes the translation more natural and appropriate for native speakers and locals. Localization is another crucial step in the process of globalization. Businesses should always consider localization when expanding to a bigger market.

What are the Best Languages for Translation and Localization?

Identifying the best languages to use for translation and localization are pretty daunting for businesses that are starting to consider expansion. There is no one-size-fits-all in translation and localization. However, this list will help lessen the burden of choosing the correct language for the business. These are the most requested languages for translation and localization in the world.

  1. Japanese

Japanese is one of the target languages for translation and localization. Why? It is because Japan holds one of the largest markets in the technology and automobile industry. In the global business sphere, Japanese is one of the nonnegotiable languages in the international business industry.

In addition, Japanese is a solid language to localize into since most users prefer to consume media in their native language. However, translation and localization to the Japanese language are pretty hefty in price. Still, considering how big the market size you’ll be able to tap into with the Japanese language, every penny you spend will be worth it. 

  1. Simplified Chinese

Simplified Chinese is the official written language of China. It is also the official language of Taiwan and Singapore. Translating and localizing in Simplified Chinese will open a massive gate for targeting the second biggest market. China holds one-fifth of all internet users worldwide, making it one of the most translated languages in the world. Translating and localizing your content from your source language to Simplified Chinese brings more traffic to your brand and creates a more friendly approach to the locals. It speaks of diversity and inclusivity.

  1. Indonesian

Choosing the Indonesian language for translation and localization means tapping into its 150 million internet users. Indonesia is one of the countries with the most spoken languages, with over 700 living languages. However, Indonesian is the official language of the country. Thus it is used in commerce, business, and entertainment industries.

Indonesian is a language to consider in the social media realm since most internet users are fond of using social media platforms such as Facebook and Youtube. Thus as a business, if you are targeting a Southeast Asian country, Indonesia is an excellent choice.

  1. French

French is one of the most requested languages for translation and localization because many countries speak French. There are about 280 million French speakers in the world. Approximately 36 million French users shop online. That is 36 million users that you can reach with your business if you use the French language for translation and localization.

  1. German

German is one of the most translated languages since it is one of the most spoken languages in the European region. It is also notable for a lot of translators since it has a lot of long words. The German language has over 132 million speakers all over the world. Despite having fewer speakers than other languages, German should still be considered since it is the fourth biggest economy in the world. Doing so will open your business to more audiences and drive converts.

The Translation and Localization Industry Now

The translation and localization industry is essentially the backbone of globalization. Cultures and practices without proper translation and localization will not go beyond their boundaries. You see the world today, in a click of a finger, you can access multiple resources in different languages. 

Right now, machine translation developers continue to develop the efficiency and efficacy of translation machines. At this point, it still cannot replace human translation. However, it can significantly increase the efficiency rate of human translation. It lessens the person-hours needed for a translation project while still upholding the quality and accuracy of translation and localization. 

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