Most Anticipated Manga Releases of 2023

Popular manga series captivated millions of new readers for the year 2022. Reaching new heights, the most anticipated manga releases of 2023 will surely gather more new readers in the coming new year.

Most of the newly announced English licensed titles have already been established in Japan. However, due to popular demand, publishers such as Viz, Kodansha, and Square Enix decided to bring popular Japanese manga titles over to the global stage through manga translation. English is one of the most widely known languages in the world and through this, it is guaranteed to reach millions of readers from around the world. 

Want to BE always up-to-date with the latest manga releases? Here are 5 of the most anticipated manga releases of 2023!

Is Love the Answer?

Release: January 17, 2023, Kodansha Comics

Genre: Drama, LGBTQ+ Themes

Demographic: Josei

This manga by “Mine-kun is Asexual” mangaka, Uta Isaki, is a coming of age story of a young woman who slowly discovers and accepts her identity. As a high schooler surrounded with love and relationships, Chika, the main character, questions herself whether she truly is a human. How can she not understand what love is? Through meeting people with the same sentiments, she realized that her question of what love is may not really have an answer after all, but she’s okay with it. 

Is Love the Answer, Uta Isaki

I’m Kinda Chubby and I’m Your Hero

Release: January 03, 2023, Seven Seas Entertainment

Genre: Boy’s Love, Romance, Slice of Life

Demographic: Josei

This sweet Josei manga by Nore focuses on Honjirou as he tries to have a big break in the entertainment industry as a rookie actor. He slowly loses hope due to his fear that his weight will affect his luck; however, as he receives his first ever fan mail, from Konnosuke, a local pastry chef, everything slowly changes. This is one of the highly anticipated manga releases due to how unique it tackles real life issues.

I’m Kinda Chubby and I’m Your Hero, Nore

My Ultramarine Sky

Release: Fall 2023, Kodansha Comics

Genre: Boy’s Love, Romance, Slice of Life

From the creator of the heartwarming BL manga, “My Summer of You”, Nagisa Furuya once again delivers another sweet manga that revolves around two friends, Ren and Kai, in highschool. Their usual setup was disrupted when they were placed in different classes for their last year of high school. Adjusting to meeting new friends, growth, and distance, the two seemed to change as time passed by. However, there is one thing that didn’t. Kai confesses his deep feelings for Ren, will this confession continue to push them apart or pull them closer?

My Ultramarine Sky, Nagisa Furuya

The Summer Hikaru Died

Release: 2023, Yen Press

Genre: Horror, Slice of Life

Demographic: Seinen

In a small town in rural Japan, there lived Yoshiki and Hikaru who are two peas in a pod. Despite completely being opposites they maintain a close friendship. However, one summer day, Hikaru was encompassed by a mysterious force. As Hikaru’s body continues to function, Yoshiki finds a way to bring his best friend back but as Hikaru continues to be unrecognizable to him, it may completely ruin their friendship. Mokumokuren’s compelling grotesque art and story continues to captivate the hearts of many. This manga is definitely worth looking forward to!

The Summer Hikaru Died, Mokumokuren

The Yakuza’s Bias

Release: May 16, 2023, Kodansha Comics

Genre: Comedy

One of the most feared leaders, Ken Kanashiro of the yakuza Washio Clan, never had time to explore his hobbies. He lives the life of being a yakuza lieutenant; through loyalty and bonds. Until his boss’ daughter drags him to a K-pop concert, where he meets K-pop idol, Jun. Through his dazzling smile and charismatic eyes, Ken falls deep into the fandom with passion and loyalty just like a yakuza man. 

The Yakuza’s Bias, Yatsuda Teki

Japanese to English Manga Licensing

Publishing companies always try to look for interesting manga to license in their language. Through this, manga will reach a wider range of audiences. The most powerful tool of manga licensing is manga translation, as it is also the most crucial part. Without proper manga translation and localization, no matter how good the manga is in its original language, it will not cut it for those reading it in another language. 

Thus, proper translation is a must for every manga licensing out there especially for Japanese to English manga translation. Creative Connections & Commons Inc. offers high-quality manga translation, localization, and manga typesetting services. Not only that, we also offer a variety of manga-related services covering more than 30 languages worldwide! As a one-stop shop for all of your manga needs, CCC is the best way to go!

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