Manga Verticalization: The New Digital Format

Manga Verticalization: The New Digital Format

With the surge of digital content, it is without a doubt that vertical scrolling is everyone’s preference when it comes to consuming readable content on their mobile devices. For traditional manga, it can be a challenge given that physical manga is read from right to left. Thus, to adapt, manga verticalization was done.

Traditional Manga Formatting

Traditional manga is formatted to be read from right to left and top to bottom. It is usually printed physically thus, you flip the pages to continue reading. You start reading from the top right corner to the bottom left corner. Manga is a multifaceted read since there are a lot of visual aspects to it. It does not only deliver text, but it provides a great visual image to the readers. Thus, creating an awesome visual experience.

However, with the recent boom of webtoons and consuming entertainment media through mobile devices, it created a shift in how readers consume multiple formats of books. Webtoons or Korean comics created the snack-culture where they popularized short-chaptered comics that are vertically formatted. 

Manga Vertical Scrolling Format

The shift in the way readers consume media online is a huge factor to the change in the digital manga format. With the rise in popularity of webtoons, it became important to adapt to a vertical scrolling format. The manga vertical scrolling format mimics the way readers typically use their mobile devices and because of this, it creates a unique immersive experience for the readers to enjoy.

Manga verticalization also brings in more manga readers. Because of its ease of use and its vertical scrolling feature, readers can read whenever they feel like it without using both hands. The vertical format removes the unnecessary need for zooming in and out of the panels to see the details. 

The manga vertical scrolling format also allows for more wiggle room for manga translation to a lot of languages. The vertical format provides more space for manga typesetting thus, it’s more flexible for different languages. 

Also, it can be a good introduction to new readers exploring the world of manga. Without the complicated traditional manga format, they can slowly rope themselves into it focusing on the actual characters and plot. It is also accessible for them since it can be read through their mobile devices without having to go into the bookstore and look for the availability of a certain volume.

Manga Verticalization Services

It is important to adapt to the current trends and new emerging technologies out there. Don’t get lost in the tide of new and improved technologies and start integrating them into your projects.

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