Manga Coloring: Transform Your World Into Color

Manga Coloring: Transform Your World Into Color

Colors make an artwork impactful. We see the world in color, and in a 2D world, color helps you immerse in the universe. Manga coloring enhances the whole reading experience.

Generally, manga don’t use color because of how it is published. Publishing colored manga artworks costs higher than black and white. This is one of the reasons why manga use screentones to add depth and create mood. However, with the development of digital publishing and increased global demand, a lot of manga are published online. And because of this, there’s a rise in colored manga than before.

Immerse in the Manga World With Color

Studies have shown that color can increase immersion when consuming media. Literature is no exception. That’s why multiple manga are being remastered today. Past titles are colored to suit trends; using color palettes, tones, hues, and saturation to evoke a different mood and feeling for each scene in a manga. This can give an old black and white manga another chance to reach a new audience.

Since its establishment in 2004, the number of webtoon readers is soaring—users choosing to read on their mobile devices with their preference for color and vertical reading—and the format became popular. A lot of artwork and literature followed suit, formatting their works in the same way. The appeal for color is there—all you have to do is take the leap in the world of color. CCC is here to guide you through the process. Our expert manga colorists, with an eye for color and art, can bring out the manga art’s potential while preserving the original art style.

What Does It Take to be a Manga Colorist?

Create a story through color. Using words to communicate relay facts and logic, but using colors evoke deeper feelings and realizations. Colors can touch our hearts differently. Master manga colorists create beautiful color combinations and use the color theory to their advantage. A manga colorist has logic and artistry on their side.

Observant. A manga colorist must be observant and logical. Aware of the world around them, manga colorists replicate the colors they see in real life to your manga’s universe. Color is a double-edged sword. With it, you can pull the reader into your manga’s world, but it can also break their immersion if the colors used aren’t logical to an extent. You don’t want your characters to have crisscrossing shadows. It has to make sense to be effective.

Creative. You don’t want your manga to look like any other. A manga colorist’s job is to make your manga stand out from the rest. They use unique color combinations and experiment with hues and saturation to create harmony and balance. 

An eye for finer details. Colors blend and bleed as they layer on top of each other. A manga colorist must pick up on these details. Crisp and clean colors can speak volumes in terms of quality. And here at CCC, we always aim for quality. Our team of manga colorists have the experience to back up our claim. We don’t only tell, but show you how we can transform your manga.

The Process of Manga Coloring

How does manga coloring work? The secret is to have a dedicated team that enjoys bringing your art to life. Colors can give a different perspective and depth, and that’s what they do.

Color Palette. Once our manga colorists receive the files, they create a specific color palette for the manga based on the cover. It is important to retain the original color-scheme used to make the whole work cohesive, authentic, and unique to your own art. 

Coloring. Using industry standard softwares like Photoshop, the maskers outline the manga making sure the colors are crisp and clean when applied. In CCC, we only deliver quality and superb work to our clients.

Providing a sample. Our clients’ approval is important for us. In order to make sure that they are perpetually satisfied with our work, we involve them in the process. Once the colorists finish a part of the manga project, they will send the finished work to the clients for further approval. We will always listen to your needs.

Producing Magic. Once the green light is on, the manga colorists continue working on the project, making notes, bringing the characters to life, and painting the world in color. 

Color Your Manga World with CCC

Expertly colored, beautifully made manga can make a difference. It catches the attention of readers, pulls them into a different mood and evokes multiple emotions. That’s the magic of color. Creative Connections & Commons Inc. has a harmonious team of manga colorist experts that can do the job right. With years of experience and a knack for color, they can take your manga into the next level. Our team has worked on various manga ranging from shoujo to josei, colored romance to slice of life genres, and is continuing to refine their process to give you the best quality. 

Make the change with us. 

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