Machine Translation: Transforming the Translation Industry

Using Artificial Intelligence For Translation Efficiency

How do machine learning and artificial intelligence help businesses use their enterprise data efficiently? What is artificial intelligence? Machine translation? How does it help in translation?

We often hear about artificial intelligence or machine learning, but what is it? Artificial intelligence mimics human intelligence in the form of machines to replicate the way humans think and act. Through technological advancements, artificial intelligence is widely used in many industries for efficiency and cost-saving in the long run. 

Benefits of Machine Learning in Business

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that allows systems to improve predictions and accuracy through data collection without explicit programming. A lot of different software applications and gadgets use machine learning.

The most common one is through speech recognition systems. Millions of people rely on these systems, such as Bixby, Siri, and Alexa, to perform quick searches or simple commands. Through the years, these systems keep on improving through data collection. From the early 1960s, when IBM’s speech recognition system could only recognize 16 words and numbers to where these voice assistants can answer your queries, technology has evolved fast, and businesses are integrating technology. 

Data collection is crucial in machine learning systems because the data collected will be the foundation of information for the system. Once the machine receives the data, it will be processed to create a better, more accurate one.

Why do these machine learning systems need data?

To improve. Machines can never fully mimic human intelligence, but they can try. The more data you feed the system, the more intelligent it will be and more efficient. These machine learning systems will be able to perform tasks that they could not do before. An excellent example of it is voice assistants. Back then, voice assistants could only provide answers by showing them on the screen. Now, these assistants can reply to text messages for you through your voice command. It wasn’t an easy and fast process. The language itself is already a challenge. They created these voice assistants to cater to hundreds of languages with different accents. It’s a tedious task, but with the help of data collection services, it became easier to learn the slight accent changes and nuances. Thus, becoming a much better AI system that caters to our daily needs and inquiries. 

How do machine learning and artificial intelligence help businesses use their enterprise data efficiently?

Studies have shown that artificial intelligence is capable of a 40% increase in productivity by 2035. This suggests that businesses will eventually use AI technologies and machine learning systems–this is an inevitable phenomenon. AI technologies will execute and perform mundane and repetitive tasks to lower costs and increase efficiency. Many AI technologies will lend businesses a hand through data analysis and logistics optimization. This ensures that it will efficiently analyze the data it receives.

What is  Machine Translation?

Machine translation is the automation of translating content from one language to another without human help. Machine learning contributes to the efficiency and accuracy of the translation. It also lessens the burden of manual translation, and translators can allot more time to post-editing. This leads to a more accurate, high-quality, and faster translation. 

Does machine learning contribute to the translation industry?

Machine translation has changed the game for a lot of technical translations. It transforms a project that takes days and shortens it to hours, albeit it needs manual post-editing to make it easier for a human to read and understand. This saved translators a lot of time and energy and lowered the costs significantly. However, creative translations are different. Without professional translators to oversee translation, it will never come out as naturally as possible. Most of the time, a lot of it gets lost in translation. So for creative translations, such as manga, webtoon, comics, and video games, a professional translation company specializing in those projects will be your best bet.

CCC delivers excellent translation and data collection services

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