Localization Horrors in Customer Service Support Industry

The customer service industry is a huge industry right now. Markets suggest that customer service support will still be leading as one of the biggest markets of 2023. It’s safe to say that customers want the experience when it comes to CSS. However, to fully capture the demand, we must understand that the Customer Support Service industry is evolving. With new technologies emerging, we must adapt to change, quickly and efficiently to be able to ride the wave. Thus, we must avoid the horrors in customer service support.

Despite the changes, we must never slack on the basics. The main goal of customer service support is to help the customers and potential customers with their inquiries and concerns. Every single one of them. Thus, it is essential to have diverse customer service support.

What does that mean? Translation and Localization.

Every country has its own culture, language, and trends. As a global company or if you are venturing into the global market, you must always consider your audience. Your customers will come from different backgrounds and cultures, thus it is important to be mindful of it. Never take localization for granted. If you go global without localization in mind, you are doomed to fail. We’ve heard of horror stories in the industry where they treat their customers poorly. Every single company MUST avoid that situation. Thus, you must avoid these horrors in localization for the customer service support industry.

Horrors in Customer Service Support

Here are three horrific situations that you should definitely avoid when localizing in the Customer Service Support Industry.

Improper Localization

Keeping a glossary of localized jargon is truly helpful for localization. This is crucial in the customer service support industry because when helping customers, there will be terms you need to use that are specific to the language. Using improper localization will lead to more problems and misunderstandings. This could also result in loss in profit and loyal customers, and we do not want that.

No Personalization

The point of localization is to personalize the brand to make it seem natural and seamless regardless of the language. Sending the brand’s message to its customers through their local language creates a more heartwarming experience than a robotic gesture of machine translation. Although machine translation is not bad at all. There are some disadvantages to it. It can sound unnatural and off-putting. The customers will know whether through voice, chat, or email if the company is making an effort to reach out to them genuinely. 

Disregarding Experts

The field of localization and customer service support is very saturated. As a company, you must invest in experience and skills. Investing in localization experts from the customer service support industry will most likely create a bad scenario for you. As much as possible, you must avoid creating a horror story where the customer misunderstands the localized content and ends up feeling insulted. 

Providing High-Quality Localization in Customer Service Support

CREATIVE CONNECTIONS & COMMONS INC. is one of the leading companies in the translation and localization industry. CCC has ten years of experience translating and localizing various industries, especially in customer service support. With CCC, rest assured that experts in the industry will be the ones working on your localization and customer service needs. 

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