Creative vs. Technical Translation: Which Should You Choose?

Did you know that there are multiple types of translations? It depends on a person’s needs. Creative and Technical translations are some of the most in-demand requests from clients and businesses. However, what is the difference between creative and technical translation?

What is Translation?

Translation is essential in all industries aiming to enter the global market. Businesses need multiple types of translation to sound more natural to the local speakers. This, alongside localization, will help the company grow and win the locals’ hearts. Thus, gaining loyalty and trust from new customers.

As a translator, you must also become an excellent communicator and writer. In order to do so, you must gain knowledge of a lot of vocabulary ranging from technical to cultural and even slang words. 

Technical Translation for Businesses

In a professional setting, technical translation requires a translator to be familiar with all the jargon and technical terms used in papers, such as legal documents, business documents, and academic papers. Technical translation is direct, concise, and straightforward. 

There are multiple documents that need technical translation rather than creative translation. The following are examples of technical translation:

  • Article Translation
  • Research Translation
  • Legal Contract Translation
  • Training Manual Translation
  • Start up Guide Translation
  • Marketing and Commercial Translation
  • Administrative Translation

It is essential for a business to choose a reliable translation company to translate important documents to avoid mishaps and legal complications in the future. Choosing the right translation company can be overwhelming to many business owners. Still, the key is to select a specialized translator who has a mastery of the source and target language. Creative Connections & Commons Inc. has built its language translation expertise through years of translation and specialization. With over ten years of experience, CCC will undoubtedly be ready to take on your translation needs.

Creative Translation for Businesses

Creative translation, on the other hand, requires a translator to be imaginative and creative. The translator must be bold enough to be creative while sticking to the original text. Understanding and presenting the translated project in a different language is already complicated. Doing so, while writing it in a creative and artful manner makes it a tad bit more challenging. 

Examples of documents requiring creative translation are the following: 

This translation needs much more in-depth knowledge of the target language’s culture and trends. Creative translators must also have a stylistic approach in creative translation without stripping the original text of its beauty.

Technical vs. Creative Translation: What should I choose?

First, you need to determine the best target languages for your business. Then you decide whether you need both types of translations. In most cases, you need both. In a business, you will be faced with different situations where you need to use both translations. For instance, when dealing with international partnerships, you must have contracts in the source and target languages. Thus, you need technical translation for those important documents.

On the other hand, you cannot expect to use technical translations on your website when driving customers to purchase. Doing so will make your website appear stiff and dull. In that case, you need creative translations to create more character and connections with your customers. The goal is to touch their hearts and build links to create conversions.

CREATIVE CONNECTIONS & COMMONS INC. offers high-quality multilingual creative and technical translation services in more than 30 languages worldwide. Build your international presence through accurate and reliable translation from professional linguists and native speakers. Create a new story. Choose CCC!

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