Benefits of Game Localization in 2022

Since the export of popular video games to multiple countries and platforms, video game developers and publishers have taken advantage of the benefits of game localization. Up to this day, video game localization is improving to cater to the many demands of the gaming industry. 

Video games have captured millions’ hearts ever since they first began. From being a niche hobby targeted at younger audiences in bulky arcade machines to Virtual Reality (VR) consoles targeted to the masses, the gaming industry continues to grow in popularity and revenue. Along with this, competitors rise in the hopes of stepping into the international market of video games.

What is one of the crucial steps in video game globalization?

Game localization is essentially the backbone of globalizing a video game. To reach most major gaming markets in the world, it is always a must to consider game localization. Following game localization’s constantly evolving best practices. It will guarantee to reach the target audiences.

What are the benefits of game localization?

  1. Cost-Effectively Opening Up to a New Audience

With minimal effort and cost-effectiveness in mind, game localization is one of the easiest ways to expand a game. Of course, the actual game localization process is complicated. Thus, hiring a specialized translation company is an ideal option without costing too much.

Why a specialized translation company? Why can’t I just hire a regular translator to do it?

Translating and localizing a video game differs entirely from translating and localizing a technical paper or literature. There are so many things that a translator must consider when localizing a video game. With this, it is essential that translators have the right background and is well-versed in the actual game.

  1. Increase Sales

It snowballs from reaching a bigger audience for the game. Once the target audience comes, it is bound to have sales, considering that the game is in its native language. According to studies, users are more likely to purchase in-game items if the language is in their native tongue. These people prefer to understand the product in their language even if it has poor translation. However, companies should never settle for less regarding high-quality translation and localization. It may be a small thing for a game, but it makes a different experience for players. The competition is always fierce in an ever-growing industry.

What are the best gaming markets to localize into?

Choosing the right market depends on your goal. As with any business, a potential revenue increase is a goal. If you plan on expanding to multiple markets, it’s best to look at the biggest profitable gaming markets, such as China, Japan, South Korea, France, and Germany.

  1. Drive Customer Satisfaction

Then comes customer satisfaction; users will always prefer if a product’s customer service support is in their own native language which in turn, drives up the customer satisfaction of the game. In every situation, it cannot be avoided that help support is needed in any game. Customers will contact the game’s help desk for their in-game concerns. Whether it be for voice, email, or chat support, it is important that customer service caters to the multiple languages that the game offers. It creates a seamless experience that a lot of users appreciate. It’s in these things that will make the game better than its competitors.

Why do I have to cater to those target languages even in customer service support?

It shows that the game developers and publishers care for the users. It shows that the developers also thought about the problems that may arise and listens to the players.

  1. Keeps it at an Advantage

With every game coming out right now, a game must have something different to offer. The creative direction, the lore, the world-building, the storyline, and character designs–all of these contribute to the creativity and uniqueness of the game. However, if the game cannot reach its target audiences, then all of it becomes moot. Thus, game localization gives a game advantage in almost every aspect. 

Choosing the Right Game Localization Company

Choosing the right localization company for a game localization project is crucial. Game localization is easily one of the hardest since it deals with audio and graphics. Some languages consume more space than others and also involve coding into the actual game to replace the texts inside. Choosing a trusted and reputable gaming localization expert company will ease the worry of handing over a game project to an external company.

High-Quality Game Localization Services

CREATIVE CONNECTIONS & COMMONS INC. provides a one-stop-shop, hassle-free multilingual service for all your gaming needs. CCC already has ten years of experience in the language industry. CCC has high regard for quality and time. With its expert translators and native speakers, rest easy knowing that CCC treats every project with utmost professionalism. 

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