Audio Data Collection for Speech Recognition Systems

Data collection might be difficult for a lot of companies who do not have their priorities set on collecting data but still need the data to perform well in their product development stage especially for speech recognition systems.

Speech recognition systems translate spoken words into text through closed captions available for multiple languages. These systems are not limited to just one language but spans to a whole variety of languages. These systems are also a product of artificial intelligence most especially through machine learning technology

Data collection comes in a lot of forms and methods. It can be in the form of written communication text, videos, audio, and more. For speech recognition systems, the most common data collection is in the form of speech and audio data collection.

How does Speech and Audio Data Collection Work?

The collection process consists of willing participants that fits the criteria. The criteria depends on the company’s targets and needs. For speech and audio data collection, participants must be able to speak in the target language about a certain topic. They will record the conversation and this data will be collected along with the other conversations. After this, they will analyze and feed the information into the speech recognition system for learning. 

What is the Importance of Voice Recognition Systems?

You might think that speech recognition systems are not important but it is already used in many day-to-day scenarios. Siri, Alexa, and Bixby are just some of the voice recognition systems built in gadgets that people use for accessibility and efficiency. It is faster to speak than to type with your fingers. It feels more natural to do than especially for capturing emotions.

Data Collection Method and Industries Using Speech Recognition Systems


For language learning, hearing the correct pronunciation of words is crucial. Thus, applications such as Duolingo and even language schools use speech recognition systems to correct and enhance the students’ speech without supervision.

Customer Service

Customer service support uses these systems to reduce cost and increase efficiency. They take advantage of speech recognition systems to lessen traffic and prioritize their manpower for more urgent issues. 


Healthcare professionals use these systems to transcribe medical notes into their computer systems, thus lessening the time allotted to type the notes, promoting efficiency and growth.

Methods for Multilingual Audio Data Collection

There are multiple methods for audio data collection. Some use interviews, focus group discussions, and lectures. 

Multilingual Audio Data Collection

For multilingual speech and audio data collection, it is important to highlight jargon and speech nuances such as accent, intonation, and voice. Thus, it is important to avail services to avoid losing resources and time due to mistakes and minute interruptions.

CREATIVE CONNECTIONS & COMMONS INC. offers transcription and data collection services that covers over 30 languages worldwide such as Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Malaysian, and more. CCC has more than 10 years of experience in the language industry and has never failed to be globally competitive in the AI industry.

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