Asia’s Fintech Industry: Fintech Translation and Localization

Asia’s Fintech Industry: Fintech Translation and Localization

Never heard of Fintech Translation or even Fintech? Short for Financial Technology, it is the integration of technology in the finance industry. It helps in the advancement of traditional financial processes for businesses and customers. It has been around for decades but was never fully appreciated until recently. Due to the fast transition to the digital world, Fintech has finally gained the popularity it deserves.

It is already established that Fintech provides a huge advantage to automate the world of finances for businesses and customers. Fintech companies are companies that merge traditional with the digital atmosphere creating efficiency and ease of use for customers. Digital banks, mobile banking, and trading platforms are part of the Fintech industry. These companies are called Fintech companies.

Asia’s Financial Technology Industry

Asia holds one of the biggest markets for the Fintech Industry. It holds some of the fastest growing and advanced markets out there. Japan, China, and India are some advanced and emerging markets in Asia that are dominating the industry.

Fintech already rooted itself in the person’s everyday life. With countries transitioning to cashless transactions as it provides a more secure and easy exchange, it is without a doubt that the Fintech industry will continue to rise in growth.

In Asia, especially in technology developed countries, digital banking and peer-to-peer payment services are part of the norm. It is rare that they use actual cash to pay for transactions especially involving online purchases.

In a survey in China, 87% of their consumers use Fintech services and 99% are aware that applications such as mobile banking and money transfer are available through their phones. This without a doubt cemented the fact that the Fintech industry is taking over traditional banking methods and will continue to thrive in the future, especially in Asia.

In Hong Kong alone, their government already approved eight (8) digital banking companies to operate in the city slated for a 2023 first quarter opening. Singapore is also accepting virtual bank companies and will soon be increasing the competition in various countries.

The Fintech Industry is a really competitive industry, especially in Asia. Holding one of the biggest markets in the industry as well as developing technology to further increase its potential. It is without doubt that the Fintech industry will thrive in the forthcoming years.

Penetrating Asia’s Fintech Industry through Translation

Asia is a hotpot of culture and languages. When targeting markets in Asia, it can be quite difficult to target multiple markets without translation and localization. Because of this, quality multilingual translation and localization is essential for a Fintech company. Not only that, high-quality translation is essentially advantageous and an edge towards various competitors.

Investing in good quality translation will help the company in the long run. Bringing in more loyal and trusting customers through trustworthy and genuine service for the customers. 

CCC offers high-quality translation services specifically for the Fintech industry. Be worry-free as you embark on the challenge of going global with us.

Fintech Translation Tips

The industry might be new to a lot of people, but it is already a niche group for translators. Translating from the Fintech industry means that as a translator, you have to keep up with the trends as well as know the nuances of business and technical translation.

Use the Target Language for Customer Support

This is oftentimes overlooked when creating Fintech applications. It could be the dealbreaker for an application for creating new leads and conversions. If your customer service support does not cater to the customer’s native language, it becomes a barrier instead of a bridge to communicate with the customer. Most customers tend to prefer applications and CS support in the native language. Thus, as a company, you must never overlook this aspect of the business. It is a must to listen to the customer and provide good customer service support.

Fast and Accurate Translation and Localization

As a company that handles financial transactions, there should be no mistakes in translation and localizing texts from the original to the target language. Reliable translations from a good translation service provider is key to having accurate and fast translations. It is also good to choose a translation service provider that runs it with native speakers to make sure that it’ll be localized and will sound and feel more like a native.

Flexible and Inclusive Translation and Localization

As an emerging global digital financial services platform, it must be flexible enough to catch up to the trends and changes of the technological sphere. Translations must also be able to include the minority, becoming much more inclusive to a diversified customer base. 

Fintech Translation Services

CREATIVE CONNECTIONS & COMMONS INC. offers multilingual translation services in over 30 languages worldwide. Our ten-year experience as a multilingual service provider has made us one of the best in the industry. Thus, solidifying our reputation as a high-quality and fast translation service provider. CCC aims to create new stories through our partners. Reach the global market through our reliable and accurate translations! Create a new story with us!

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